UltraThera Technologies is dedicated to creating innovative products
that develop, rebuild and enhance human performance.

Our purpose is fueled by a passion to bring forth advances in technology
that break through the limitations of conventional paradigms
to benefit the health and wellbeing of humankind.

xUltraThera originated from a family's desperate desire to help their child. Founder and CEO, Kevin Maher, has a daughter diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy.

Kevin, with an engineering background in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, refused to accept the limitations of existing treatments and therapies intended to help improve her condition. He called on his 25 years of engineering experience to design and build therapeutic devices that could improve the measurement, control, and intensity of therapies to help his daughter. Along with his wife Rhonda, who became their daughter's therapist, the Mahers put these innovations to work and soon were elated with their daughter’s unexpected and rapid progress.

Witnessing his daughter's remarkable gains and appreciating the therapeutic value of his equipment, Kevin found his equipment capturing the attention and approval of researchers, therapists and educators. Their acknowledgement of the immense need for his innovative products and their encouragement to bring them to market reinforced his decision to move forward with the company. And so, UltraThera Technologies, Inc. (UTI) was born.

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UltraThera Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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